Sponsors: Our Current Sponsors

The Cincinnatus Association is grateful to its sponsors, which graciously support its mission and the work of its panels & members in a variety of manners. 


June 2016:

 Melissa Currence: Greater Cincinnati Foundation     200 W Fourth St, Cncinnati, OH 45202     (513) 241-2880

April 2016:

     Crystal Faulkner: Mountjoy Chilton Medley LLP   3536 Edwards Rd, Suite 201, Cincinnati, OH 45208     (513) 768-6796

                   and Mark Silbersack

March 2016:

     Jim Yunker: The Yunker Group    6600 Clough Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45244     (513) 474-1500

and by the Cincinnatus Association Executive Committee in memory of Mary Jo Hutchison