We focus on inclusivity of all members of the human race. Our goal is to encourage acceptance of others thereby making this area more welcoming to all races and nationalities.

Meeting Schedule

First Monday of the month from 11:30 am – 1 pm at the Wegman Company, 1531 Western Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45214.


  • Dorothy Battle
  • Michael Burns
  • Ruth Cronenberg
  • Marge Davis
  • Al DeJarnett
  • John Frank, Jr.
  • Deborah Heater
  • Susan Noonan
  • Stephanie Stoller
  • George Wharton
  • John Baker

For more info

Committee Co-Chairs Sam Brewer and John Young or Cincinnatus Executive Director Jill Claire.

Current initiatives

  1. We are working to educate the public on the subject of immigration. Our focus is the young undocumented immigrant who was brought over to the U.S. as a young child, and therefore doesn’t really remember any country other than the U.S.  We recently presented this program at a Cincinnatus meeting and are now in the process of arranging other venues for this program.
  2. Another current initiative has been the study of the inequities in the juvenile justice system. Some progress has been made, but we are waiting for more information as to what still has to be addressed.

Past initiatives 

The Greater Cincinnati Commitment was started by Cincinnatus.  It is a commitment to eliminate discriminatory behaviors, policies and practices from the Cincinnati area. The origin of this is the Birmingham Pledge from Birmingham, Alabama, which began as a result of racial turmoil in that city.