We identify judicious initiatives for improving local government, researching issues to inform Cincinnatus members and the public. As warranted, we recommend for or against relevant ballot issues. To accomplish this, we organize forums and invite speakers to address our committee, the full Cincinnatus membership and the public.


Second Tuesday each month at 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., prior to the month’s general membership meeting and at the same location.


Melissa Currence and Alice Schneider


Jane Anderson Arlene Herman Connie Roesch 
Noel Beyer Eric Jackson Ely Ryder 
Tom Beridon Gary McClimans Endia Santee 
Samuel Brewer David Mann Alice Schneider 
Tess Brown Carolyn Miller Mark Silbersack 
Dot Christenson William Muse John T. Spence 
Melissa Currence Barbara Myers Jeffrey Stec 
Bob Driehaus Mark Neikirk Stephanie Stoller 
Jocile Ehrlich Susan Noonan Tom Synan 
Bill FrostIoanna Paraskevopoulos Emily Thobe 
Meagan GosneyBeth Robinson Michelle Young 


Transportation: We are partners in the regional transportation coalition for the Connected Region initiative and endorsed the transit sales tax levy in Hamilton County that would provide additional funds SORTA as well as improve infrastructure throughout the county.

Gov’t Cooperation Award: In alliance with the local chapter of the American Society for Public Administrators, we support an annual award, the Cincinnatus Government Cooperation Award, to a public official or body that innovates with collaboration among local governments. The award has been given each year since 2016.

Ballot initiatives: Our panel regularly researches local ballot initiatives to inform Cincinnatus members and the public of their pros and cons. The panel recommends whether or not Cincinnatus should endorse a particular initiative.

Public dialogue: Our panel is an active partner with the National Issues Forum to foster civil, civic dialogue in our community.

Criminal justice reform: We continue to explore legislative initiatives for criminal justice reform and have connected the Ohio Policy and Justice Center to gain a deeper of understanding of these issues.