We initiate, recognize, participate in and promote projects to improve the quality of education so that all students achieve their unique potential and become contributing citizens.


Third Monday of the month from noon to 1 p.m. at United Way of Greater Cincinnati. In January and February, we meet on the 4th Monday (due to national holidays).


Kent Friel and Jeffrey Stec


Richard Adams
Deborah Allsop
Alpacino Beauchamp
Harry Blanton
Sam Brewer
Vera Brooks
Robert Buechner
Edward Buyniski
David Childs
Dot Christenson
Carole Donnelly  

Deondre Drakeford
John Frank
Kent Friel
Sarah Gideonse
Joe Girandola
Barbara Glueck
Elliot Grossman
Arlene Herman
Gail Hilleke
Eric Jackson
Larry Johnson
Larry Kissel
Liz Loring
Bob Maly
Gary McClimans
Bill Muse
Tara Robinson
Julie Sellers
John Simpkinson
Emily Thobe
Tom Tsuchiya
James Williams
Larry Williams
John Young


2020 Preschool Promise/CPS Renewal Levy Documents

Preschool Promise. The Education Panel took an active role in the 2016 passage of a $33 million Cincinnati Public Schools levy to “strengthen K-12 education and expand access to quality preschool.” The panel remains active in monitoring and supporting the  work of the Preschool Promise.

Annual Education Awards. The Education Panel presents awards at an annual banquet to outstanding administrators, teachers and volunteers in the region.

Leader to Leader. This important collaboration is with Cincinnati Public Schools to match business leaders with school principals to improve leadership and management.

English Language Learning Foundation. Cincinnatus collaborates with the ELL Foundation to help provide financial support for college scholarships for English Language Learners.

Cincinnati Public Schools. The Education Panel is committed to support to CPS and regularly evaluates school levy proposals to determine whether to advocate for their passage