130128 Education Awards - 2013


Monday, January 28, 2013

Cincinnatus Association honors educators

CINCINNATI, Ohio – The Cincinnatus Association will honor two educators and one community volunteer for their service to the Cincinnati Public Schools as part of an annual awards dinner showcasing excellence in our schools.

“There are challenges in education today, and we cannot ignore those. But as you get to know educators in Greater Cincinnati, you quickly realize how much passion, dedication and just old-fashioned smarts our teachers, principals and community volunteers bring to the classroom. These awards salute those people, who, with each day of service, make our schools better. We are inspired by them,” said Kent Friel, the chair of the Cincinnatus Education Panel.


This year’s awards and recipients are:


  • Cincinnatus Woodward Trust Distinguished Teacher Award: Tracy Greeley Howard, Science Teacher, Woodward Career Technical High School.
  • James N. Jacobs Award for Outstanding Administration:  Cheryl Broadnax, Principal, Hartwell Elementary School.
  • John E. Pepper Award for Outstanding Volunteer in Public Education:Leroy Carter, Volunteer, Riverview East Academy.



The awards will be presented on Tuesday, Feb. 12, as part of a dinner at the Kingsgate Marriott, 151 Goodman Drive, on the University of Cincinnati campus.


As part of the evening, the colleges of education at Northern Kentucky University, Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati will jointly present their 3C Outstanding Educator awards, honoring innovative teachers who actively participate in the school community beyond the expectation of their teaching duties. The 2013 recipients: Julie Davalla, Milford Junior High School;  Sharon S. Harris, Mother of Mercy High School; and Janette Van Laningham, Erpenbeck Elementary School in Boone County, Ky.


For tickets and reservations, contact the Cincinnatus Association, University Club, 401 East Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Oh 45202. Enclose a check for $40 per guest. Cash Bar, followed by dinner. Questions? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


This year’s award winners have demonstrated strong commitments to education. Here is a sample of the comments from their nominations:


Tracy Greeley Howard, Science Teacher, Woodward Career Technical High School


“Ms. Howard is all that exemplifies an excellent teacher.  Her professional work ethic is an outstanding model for any teacher who desires to engage students in the classroom and provide activities for success outside the classroom. Her high level of knowledge of science combined with her experience and background from a career in science provides students with a depth in curriculum that allows them to succeed.  Ms. Howard participates in mentoring and leadership activities at both the school and district levels. She has applied for and received several grants to support her labs and problem-based activities. She has a high level of energy and a selfless dedication in support of colleagues. Her goal is the pursuit of an authentic and rigorous curriculum for all students.”


Cheryl Broadnax, Principal, Hartwell Elementary School


“Hartwell has made tremendous academic gains and earned the state's highest report card rating of Excellent with Distinction. In order to achieve excellence, Ms. Broadnax has built positive relationships with the families of the students. She also has been instrumental in bringing community resources into the school. We now have community volunteers who run an after-school girls club for fourth-grade students; teacher volunteers who facilitate the Girls on the Run program for grades 3-8; an after-school basketball skills for girls and boys in grades 3-6; an after-school fine arts program; and community volunteers who help in all aspects of the school building both during the school day and after. Ms. Broadnax has truly developed a sense of family at Hartwell that includes the students, staff, parents and the community.”


Leroy Carter, Volunteer, Riverview East Academy


“People who are new to our building are always amazed to learn that Mr. Carter, or Coach Carter, as we call him around here, is a volunteer. Coach Carter is at Riverview every day. During this time with us, he often puts in a good eight to nine hours and on some days, even longer. His duties begin with helping to supervise the lunchroom. He assists with everything from helping students get their lunches and in helping them find their tables,  to making sure enough chairs are available for every student. More importantly, he serves as a support to our older students who quite often just need an adult who is not a teacher to talk to. The students just love being in his presence, and they love sitting with him just to talk.”