A special thank you to a special volunteer

Dear Linda,

I have read with enormous interest and, even more, great admiration the articles showcasing the incredible decades-long service you have given to the students, parents and teachers at Sayler Park.

I regret I was unable to be at the ceremony at which this award was presented.  Having now come to know you and all you have done, that regret is deeply felt.

I cannot recall ever reading about a volunteer and his or her contributions which excelled what you have done.  And to have done it having gone through such health challenges; your spirit is clearly indomitable.  

I love your simple, heartfelt comments:  “Sayler Park is an amazing school and neighborhood.  I just wanted to help because I got a good education there…I go there because I love the school, I love the students, and I love the staff.”

That says it all.  Except for one final point I have to make.  Your actions speak louder than words.  When I read about all the roles you have played:  LSDC chair; Rosey Reader program head; sharing in multiple capacities for the PTA; and being there every day, including when the schools were closed on February 19, this is service at the highest level imaginable.

Linda, you are quite simply an inspiration.

Years ago, I wrote a paper.  Its title was “If it Weren’t for Them.”  I wrote there about the ten or so individuals outside of my parents and the most important person of all, my wife, who have had the greatest influence on my life.

As teachers and students and staff from Sayler Park someday think about their list of “If it Weren’t for Them,” you will be on dozens and dozens.

Thank you for all you do.


John E. Pepper

retired CEO and president

The Procter & Gamble Company