Special Thank You to a Special Volunteer

Each year, the Cincinnatus Association presents awards for outstanding service to the Cincinnati Public Schools. The 2015 awards went to Tianay Amat, principal, Hyde Park School; Alan Cruser, a teacher at Woodward Career Technical High School; and to Linda Bingham, a volunteer at Sayler Park School for 35 years. Ms. Bingham received the John E. Pepper Award for Outstanding Volunteer in Public Education.  Read John Pepper's congratulatory letter. 

When Ms. Bingham accepted her award, she reflected on the rewarding experience of volunteering at Sayler Park School: "It a great feeling to see the students whose shoes I’ve tied, coats I’ve zipped, and noses I’ve wiped grow up to be successful adults. Now I am doing some of those things for their children, who are now attending school there.”


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