To end poverty in our city, improve access to quality preschool

How can we lift people out of poverty? Improved educational opportunities are a proven pathway. With that in mind, the Cincinnatus Association is a longstanding supporter of investment in public schools. Meanwhile, we agreed this year to focus on anti-poverty initiatives. It is in that dual context that our membership voted on Sept. 13 to endorse the $48 million levy to fund Cincinnati Public Schools and expand preschool access.  We view the levy, which voters approved on Nov. 8, as a step toward closing the gap between those who have and those who have not. To understand our reasoning, there is no better resource than the RAND study, released last March and titled Informing Investments in Preschool Quality and Access in Cincinnati.  The report documents the immediate and long-term benefits quality preschool.

The RAND study | Levy pros & cons | WCPO Insider coverage


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