A Dysfunctional region report


The Cincinnatus Association and Citizens for Civic Renewal on Government Cooperation in Greater Cincinnati created a joint task force to study

In 2011, the Cincinnatus Association merged a newly launched government cooperation initiative with an existing government cooperation study by Citizens for Civic Renewal. This joint Government Cooperation Task Force adopted the mission of supporting a blue ribbon commission on shared government services that was widely expected to be created by the City, the County and the Cincinnati Business Committee (CBC). The commission never came to fruition, but the Task Force has continued to work independently for the past three years. 

The established goal of the Task Force has been to champion the cause of regional cooperation and be a catalyst for local shared services initiatives by providing information about effective strategies and communicating success stories. This goal would be achieved by a variety of actions using social media, publications, economic and civic research, and regional benchmarking to identify successes elsewhere and inform and energize local citizens and civic leaders to consider adopting them.

Download the 2014 Report: A Dysfunctional Region (PDF)