The Citizen Cincinnatus Award has been awarded periodically by the Cincinnatus Association since 1994. The award recognizes the exceptional contribution of an individual to the work of a panel, committee or a special assignment. The intent is to both reward the past exemplary work of an individual and encourage increased panel participation which is the lifeblood of the Cincinnatus Association. The award is made at the discretion of the Association’s Executive Committee.


Any member may make a nomination, using this form.

Citizen Cincinnatus Award
presented to
Larry Kissel
for exceptional service to
The Cincinnatus Association

April 14, 2022

Other Winners

Gus Morgan & John Simpkinson (1994)

Richard Adams (1995)

Mary Anne Christie (1996)

Agnese Brienza (1997)

Becky Meinberg (1998)

David Crafts (1999)

Louise Spiegel (2000)

John Gilligan (2001)

Charles Downton (2002)

James Selonick (2003)

Brandon Wiers (2004)

Richard Pender (2006)

Kent Friel (2007)

Jan Leslie (2008)

Larry Johnson (2011)

Ron Miller (2012)

John Frank (2016)

Carolyn B. Miller (2016)

Mark Silbersack (2018)