What is the value of Cincinnatus?

Mark Silberback
Mark Silbersack

“I value Cincinnatus for the members I might never have met but for being a member and from whom I have learned so much.  They care passionately about our region, know so much about how it works (or doesn’t), and share their expertise and wisdom with us.  It is through such strong and diverse members that we can educate ourselves and act as a catalyst for efforts in the broader community to make real our dreams for a better life for all.”
Mark Silbersack, past president

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Elliot Grossman“I’ve never come across an organization quite like the Cincinnatus Association. Rather than focusing on their own business and career interests, Cincinnatus members work together to make Greater Cincinnati an even better place to live. That involvement in civic life gives me a sense of fulfillment, a feeling that I’m contributing my time and talents to the community in a meaningful way. Just as important, Cincinnatus has enhanced my own professional growth as I engage with — and learn from — fellow members who hail from diverse professional backgrounds and hold key leadership positions in the community.”

Elliot Grossman, president

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I was first introduced to what is now called the Inclusion Panel, long before I ever heard of the Cincinnatus Association. I met a fellow mayor at a meeting and learned that he was working on diversity and inclusion, I expressed interest in the subject, he asked me if I would like to attend a meeting, and I said yes. A few years later, I was told this was a panel associated with Cincinnatus and I was asked if I wanted to join Cincinnatus. I thought that if this is the type of work that Cincinnatus is involved in, or course I wanted to join.

Steph Stoller

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