frequently asked questions


What is the Cincinnatus Association?

We are a group of citizens with a keen interest in educating ourselves and our community in public affairs, without fear or favor but with a drive to know both pros and cons in order to understand how best our community can progress. Born out of commitment to the City of Cincinnati, we have broadened our interests today to include the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region. Visit our History page for more information.

Is Cincinnatus a political party? Does it support candidates for public office?

No. Cincinnatus is a nonpartisan organization with members from the full range of the political spectrum. We do not endorse candidates but we do take positions on key ballot issues, such as major school levies, amendments to Cincinnati’s charter and to Ohio’s and Kentucky’s constitutions. We will take a position on an issue only if we believe that it affects the quality of life in our region, and most specifically the structure, effectiveness and overall performance of local governments, and only after we have studied the issue carefully. We take great interested in the Cincinnati Public Schools; efforts to consolidate government services; and ways to promote greater inclusion of minorities in the life of our community.

Cincinnatus is a membership organization. Are there any benefits to non-members  that is, to the general public?

Yes. We frequently sponsor or co-sponsor political debates and public forums open to everyone. We also publish issue papers that delve into important public policy matters. We partner with like-minded community organizations on programming, such as United Way’s Bold Goals. And we are the “home” organization for the Greater Cincinnati Commitment to foster a welcoming community where “discriminatory behaviors, policies and practices” are eliminated.

How can I join Cincinnatus?

Cincinnatus welcomes new members. The usual process is by nomination from a member.  Visit  How to Join for additional information.