Member Roster

2018-2019 OFFICERS

     President: Melissa Currence

     Vice-President: Susan Noonan

     Secretary: Sarah Gideonse

     Treasurer: Rhonda Holyfield Mangieri 



     Community Inclusion Panel: Sam Brewer & John Young 

     Excellence in Education Panel: Jeffery Stec & Kent Friel

     Excellence in Government Panel: Mark Silbersack & Connie Roesch



     Cincinnatus Community Fund Compliance Officer: John Norwine

     Finance Committee: Larry Williams 

     Membership Committee: Susan Noonan & Kent Friel

     American Dream: John Young

     Public Policy: Arlene Herman 

     At Large:  Nazly Mamedova



The business and affairs of Cincinnatus are conducted by the Executive Committee, consisting of four officers (above) and five at-large members: Sam Brewer, Arlene Herman, Nazly Mamedova, John Norwine and John Young. Non-voting members include Past President (Bob Schrage) and all Panel and Committee Chairs (above).

Programming and initiatives are generally the province of our panels. Education matters, for example, are handled by the Excellence in Education Panel.



Ceair Baggett

Alpacino Beauchamp

Paul Bernheimer

Harry Blanton

Douglas Bolton

Samuel Brewer

Vera Brooks

Jeff Brokamp

Robert Buechner

Michael Burns

Edward Buyniski

Dwendolyn Chester

Charles Curran

Melissa Currence

Daniel Driehaus

Robert Driehaus

Kim Fender

Kent Friel

Sarah Gideonse

Elliot Grossman

Ken Gunkel

Estegenet Hailemekeal

Darin Hall

Michael Harlow

Michael Hawkins

Arlene Herman

Ronald Hitzler

Craig Hockenberry

Rhonda Holyfield-Mangieri

Lawrence Johnson

Jane Keller

Greg Landsman

Bob Maly

Nazly Mamedova

Gary Meisner

William Muse

Barbara Myers

Mark Neikirk

Susan Noonan

John Norwine

Jack Painter

Kurt Reiber

Beth Robinson

Lee Robinson

Connie Roesch

Jill Schiller

Alice Schneider

Robert Schrage

Mark Silbersack

John Spence

Jeffrey Stec

Stephanie Stoller

Emily Thobe

Nelson Vincent

Charleston Wang

James Williams

Lawrence Williams

Michele Young


Richard Adams

Jane Anderson

Charles E. Downton

Lawrence Elleman

Winston E. Folkers

John J. Frank Jr.

Barbara Glueck

Smith Hickenlooper III

Thomas Huenefeld

Larry Kissel

Michael Krug

Ann Lugbill

Carolyn B. Miller

Dusty Rhodes

Reno F. Runck III

Ely Ryder

John Simpkinson

John Young


John E. Pepper

Bruce Petrie

 Marian Spencer



None at this time