The “Leader to Leader” program is rooted in the Cincinnatus Association’s effort to help Rosa Blackwell, then the superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools, achieve a major goal of her strategic plan: improve the leadership and management capabilities of the CPS school principals.

The program, now starting its 7th year, fosters leader relationships between business leaders and principals for enhanced leadership knowledge and experience. These leader relationships are based on mutual respect for each other’s knowledge and experience and a trust that shared information will be confidential. There are 12 business to business relationships currently, with the likelihood more will be added this year.

The value of the program can be best illustrated by a comment from the longest term principal in the program: “My mentor is a coach, friend and a trusted confident. The experience has been invaluable both professionally and personally.”

The Cincinnatus Association has a longstanding interest in, and commitment to, racial understanding and the embrace of diversity in our region. In the wake of the racially-fueled disturbances that roiled Cincinnati following a police shooting, the Association formed a committee tasked with recruiting members to help monitor and enforce community efforts to improve police/community relations, and to take concrete actions to promote positive interactions across a variety of racial groups in Greater Cincinnati.

We invite all resident of Greater Cincinnati to commit to a community where human dignity is respected across all differences.

Sign the Greater Cincinnati Commitment

The Greater Cincinnati Commitment reflects the signer's affirmation or reaffirmation to join with others in taking steps to remove racism, prejudice and stereotypes of all forms from our own lives, as well as the lives of others, and to treat all people with respect.

The Greater Cincinnati Commitment

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Here is the text of the commitment:

I believe the full greatness of our city, our region and our nation will only be achieved when every individual has a full and unrestricted opportunity to learn, grow and contribute to the community with all the potential of their innate personal gifts.

I believe that in this new millenium we can and we must move forward to remove the vestiges of racism and other forms of discrimination from our city, our country and our individual lives.

In this spirit, I make this commitment:

  • I (We) commit to use my (our) individual and collective strength to eliminate discriminatory behaviors, policies and practices from my community.
  • I (We) commit to openly and intentionally seek to open doors that will ensure everyone the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • I (We) commit to embrace diversity and seek equity for all members of the human family


Inclusion Scholarships initiative info here.

The Cincinnatus Association has a long history of serving as a forum for public discussion – and debate – concerning the issues, and candidates, of the day. During election season each year, our monthly meetings frequently serve as a platform for debates on ballot issues that will be presented to voters. They are also a welcome forum for candidate debates, be they between those running for mayor of the city of Cincinnati or the office of Hamilton County Commissioner. 

Cincinnatus also serves from time to time as a co-sponsor with other civic organizations of major debates, in an effort to provide a larger, regional forum. Often these are televised events open to the public.