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Schedule Changes Due to COVID-19

Members and guests;

Here’s hoping everyone is safe and healthy as COVID-19 changes our lives. Please look out for yourselves and each other.

Cincinnatus, of necessity, is making some revisions to our schedule and operations. I want to bring you up to date:

  • Our April membership meeting is canceled. We are not rescheduling that meeting because we cannot yet predict when things return to normal. Thank you John Young, Susan Noonan and Sarah Gideonse for your hard work in setting up an excellent panel to discuss our community’s move to understand addiction as a disease not a crime. Perhaps we can revisit this topic later this year or next.

  • The Spencer Awards Dinner, which was scheduled for May, is postponed. The good news is that our venue, the Netherland Hilton, is deeply committed and proud to host this event. The hotel’s events team is working with us to reschedule as soon as we can. Meanwhile, the dedication of the Spencer Statute at Smale Park remains set for June 28; of course, that could change.

  • Also, please consider being a sponsor or recruiting sponsors for the Spencer Dinner. You can learn more at the Cincinnatus Association website.

  • Our panels (Education, Government and Inclusion) will not be meeting in-person until further notice. They likely will meet electronically (conference call, Zoom or other methods). Panel chairs will be in touch with their members.

  • The ASPA Awards Luncheon has been canceled. This is a ceremony during which the Cincinnatus Award celebrating examples of local government cooperation is presented. We’ll share news about the luncheon if it is rescheduled or if the awards are announced outside of an event.

  • This is the period of time when, normally, we would be conducting an election for next year’s officers. Past President Melissa Currence is chairing the nominating committee and working on a plan that will assure stability for Cincinnatus through these trying times. You can email her at if you have thoughts you would like to share on this.

Take care and be well,

— Mark Neikirk, president
The Cincinnatus Association

2020 Spencer Award Winners

The Cincinnatus Association is pleased to announce the winners for the 2020 Donald and Marian Spencer “Spirit of America” Awards. Cincinnatus will be honoring these organizations that by their work have created greater inclusion and diversity in our community.

Non-Profit Organizations:

For-Profit Organizations:

We encourage you to reach out to individuals, groups, and organizations to  help sponsor this unique opportunity to honor Donald and Marian Spencer and our “Spirit of America” award winners.
We sincerely look forward to your commitment to keeping the Spencers’ legacy alive.

Marian A. Spencer is the perfect person to break the barrier to become Cincinnati’s first named woman statue

Woman’s City Club of Greater Cincinnati has commissioned the first statue of a named woman in Cincinnati for civil rights icon Marian A. Spencer. Marian was an extraordinary woman of grace and dignity who spent her life working for equality, justice and her belief that each of us has the ability to make the world a better place. We are asking for your support in this effort. Marian A. Spencer is the perfect person to break the barrier to become Cincinnati’s first woman statue! 

Marian Spencer stood up fearlessly for what she believed was right and set the example to be smart, be polite, vote and keep on fighting.

Tom Tsuchiya and Gina Erardi are the sculptors. Tsuchiya is well known for his local sculptures, including the bronze statues of Cincinnati Reds players at Great American Ball Park. 

There will be a dedication of the statue on the 100th birth date of Marian Spencer, June 28, 2020.

Donate to the Marian A Spencer statue fund.

Committee Members: Dot Christenson, Jan M. Kearney, Arzell Nelson, Susan Noonan, Brewster Rhoads, Alice Schneider, Aurelia Simmons and Mary Wells

Education Panel Seeks Volunteers

The Cincinnatus Education Panel is looking for volunteers to help with its Leader-to-Leader program.

For the past 12 years, Cincinnatus has collaborated with Cincinnati Public Schools to recruit business leaders who mentor principals on leadership and management. The principals in turn help the business leaders understand urban public education.

The Education Panel is looking for 12 new volunteers for the coming year. Volunteers need not be Cincinnatus members.

Interested? Contact Kent Friel at

Spencer Awards Dinner Postponed

The 2020 Spencer Awards
Dinner Has Been 

We do still urge you to sponsor this event. 
Click here to become a sponsor
of the Spencer “Spirit of America” Awards dinner.

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