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Member Meetings:

Member Meeting
Septemeber 10, 2024
Location: TBD
2024 Spencer Awards Celebration
Thanks to our community and supports for making the 2024 Spencer Awards Celebration the best!

2024 Spencer Awards Photo Gallery

-2024 Education Awardees-

James N. Jacob Award for Outstanding Administration in Cincinnati Public Schools

LaTasha Kimbro, Community Resource Coordinator, Rothenberg Preparatory Academy

John E. Pepper Award for Outstanding Volunteer in Cincinnati Public Schools

Ruth Anne Wolfe, Pleasant Ridge Montessori

Woodward Trust Distinguished Teacher Award

Sabrina McGill, Gilligan Digital Academy



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  Leader-to-Leader Year-End Celebration & Best Practices  

Cincinnatus has planned a year-end celebration & best practice meeting for the Leader-To-Leader participants on June 6, 2024. Thank you to Connie Roesch and Kent Friel for planning the celebration.

The Leader-to-Leader program began as a partnership between the Cincinnatus Association and the Cincinnati Public Schools in 2007. The program matches a business leader (recruited by the Cincinnatus Association) and a Principal, Assistant Principal or Administrator of the Cincinnati Public Schools. Currently, there are eight Cincinnatus members serving as leaders.

Cincinnati Public School Principals/Administrators

  • Doug Bolton
  • Ed Buyniski
  • Jocile Ehrlich
  • John Frank
  • Kent Friel
  • Rhonda Mangieri
  • Gary McClimans
  • Connie Roesch

We were pleased to have several current and former Leader-to Leader principals attend the 2024 Education Awards Program.

  Nominating Comittee Announced  

As per the Constitution of the Cincinnatus Association, Rhonda Holyfield-Mangieri, President, has appointed a Nominating Committee that will recommend a slate of Executive Committee candidates to the membership at the Regular meeting in April 2024.

  • Additional nominations from the floor can be made at the April meeting. A nomination requires a second to be added to the ballot.
  • After the Regular Meeting in April, any five members can nominate a candidate for the Executive Committee by submitting a signed letter by May 1 to the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall present the slate for election at the Regular Meeting in June.

The elected Executive Committee members will begin service on August 1, 2024.

The 2024 Nominating Committee named are: Connie Roesch, Chairperson; Jane Anderson, Valerie Daley, Julia Johnson, and Gary McClimans.