About the Rookwood Group

The Rookwood Group is a consortium of nonprofit civic entities in Greater Cincinnati that have agreed to meet on a regular basis to coordinate their public education efforts.  The group’s  current members include the Cincinnatus Association, Citizens for Civic Renewal, the Woman’s City Club, the League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area, Applied Information Resources (AIR, Inc.), and the Urban League.  We have worked together on developing and presenting a number of public forums, we publicize our respective programs to each other’s members, we try to avoid scheduling conflicting events, we do research together on public policy issues and share the results as a group with public officials, and in general we all support improving citizen engagement with local government.  Several members of the Cincinnatus Association attend Rookwood Group meetings on our organization’s behalf and lend their personal time and efforts towards accomplishing these goals.


The Task Force is studying opportunities for improvement of local government in our region through cooperative arrangements such as the sharing of services.

In the summer of 2011 the Cincinnatus Association polled its members regarding what were the most important issues for the association to be involved with. The response showed overwhelming support for a focus on the issue of government cooperation/shared services/consolidations. Cincinnatus Association member John Frank, who was already chairing a committee with a similar focus for the civic group Citizens for Civic Renewal, was asked to chair the Cincinnatus Task Force. He agreed, and it became a joint effort of Cincinnatus and Citizens for Civic Renewal.

The Government Cooperation Task Force has convened monthly for more than two years. Its members have welcomed prominent guests from political and academic circles, read a number of pertinent books and articles, and studied development in the number of peer cities. The task force has developed an understanding of the major problems standing in the way of improving government cooperation in Greater Cincinnati, and is now in the process of developing action steps designed to make a positive impact in the community.

Meeting schedule

Third Monday each month, at 4:00 pm. Contact Task Force Chair John Frank for further information if you wish to attend a meeting. 


  • John Frank, Chair
  • Dick Adams
  • Jim Crowe
  • Chuck Curran
  • Al DeJarnett
  • Chuck Downton
  • Kim Fender
  • Tom Huenefeld
  • Gerard Hyland
  • Al Kanters
  • Bill Killen
  • Judith Lewis
  • Chuck Meyer
  • Bren Ryan
  • Mark Silbersack
  • John Slauson

For more info:

Task Force Chair John Frank, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Current initiatives

  1. We are developing a short explanation for why cooperation among local governments is so important for our region.  We are researching success stories in other regions where local governments have worked together.
  2. We are examining existing organizations or structures to determine what they are doing to further cooperation within our region.
  3. We are trying to identify leaders from all the diverse components of our region who might be helpful in leading the way forward on government cooperation.
  4. We may develop a regional effort in which local governmental entities would get together to discuss common issues, discuss ways to help each other, and what the region needs to do to attract businesses and bring prosperity to all.

Past initiatives

  1. We reviewed prior or current efforts to share services among local governments, and we discussed the prior unsuccessful effort to create a commission to study opportunities for sharing services between the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.
  2. We interviewed a number of current local government leaders to get their thoughts on what opportunities exist for greater cooperation.
  3. We reviewed reports relating to studies here and elsewhere relating to sharing of services via government cooperation or consolidations, including the difficulties, resulting costs and benefits such studies identified.
  4. We discussed a prior proposal to restructure Hamilton County’s government. 


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A significant event in the Cincinnatus Association calendar is our annual Education Awards - the selection and recognition of individuals who make outstanding contributions to education in our community - as teachers, administrators and volunteers.  The Association accepts nominations for each award from the public and, through a panel of academic and Association representatives, select winners on an annual basis.  An Education Awards Banquet is held each February, combining the presentation of the Cincinnatus Education Awards with the C3 Outstanding Educator Awards presented by the Education Departments of the University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky University, Xavier University and the College of Mount St. Joseph. 


2015 Education Awards


Votruba Center at Northern Kentucky University - February 10, 2015

2014 Education Awards

Cintas Center at Xavier University - February 11, 2014

Press Release      Photographs     Intro & Winner Videos


Award Background & Information

James N. Jacobs Memorial Award of Excellence (annually since 1986)     Winners     Nomination Form

This award memorializes the outstanding lifetime contributions of James N. Jacobs (superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools 1976-1985) by recognizing an outstanding administrative employee of the Cincinnati Public Schools System.  This award grants a $500 stipend to the winner plus a $500 stipend the honoree's school.


John E. Pepper Education Community Service Award (annually since 1999)     Winners     Nomination Form

This award memorializes the outstanding volunteer service and leadership to education of John E. Pepper (former Chairman of the Procter & Gamble Company). The award is given to an outstanding volunteer in our public school system.  John E. Pepper himself was the first recipient of this award which grants a $500 "stipend" to the charity of the recipient's choice.


Cincinnatus - Woodward Trust Distinguished Teacher Award (annually since 2007)     Winners     Nomination Form

This award memorializes the outstanding contributions of William Woodward and the Cincinnatus Association to the development and furtherance of free education in Cincinnati, Covington and Newport.  This award recognizes the exceptional efforts and contributions of one or more teachers and grants a $500 stipend.  

Selection criteria for each award are described in the Nomination Form.  Nomination Forms are provided, but email and other nominations are accepted as long as they provide the information requested in the Nomination Form.  Nominations must be submitted to the Education Panel Chair within the timeframe announced annually. (The timeframe may vary from year-to-year to accommodate the timing of these and other events.)

The winners are selected by independent nomination review and judging processes.  Selections are final and may not be appealed.  The opinions and advice of the respective committees, panels and individual members are key factors in these decisions.