Painting by Giovanni Francesco Romanelli, 1655-1658

A salute to excellence in education

When his colleagues talk about Ceair Baggett, they talk about a principal who is the first to arrive at Ethel M. Taylor Academy and the last to leave. They talk about him crying alongside a grieving student or about how he applied for a grant for P.E. equipment on his own time. They talk about a principal who puts students first, who inspires his team, who is always the first to believe and the last to give up. For their excellence, Mr. Baggett and six other area educators are being honored by Cincinnatus and our partners – Northern Kentucky University, Xavier University, Mount St. Joseph University, and the University of Cincinnati. Read More.


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The Cincinnatus Association is a membership organization dedicated to understanding the issues facing our community and encouraging progress. The lifeblood of The Cincinnatus Association lies in its ability to focus the efforts, energies and talents of its members on issues chosen by the Association. Our panels reflect categories of particular interest to us: Excellence in Education, Excellence in Government, Community Inclusion and Arts & Culture.

The Cincinnatus Association believes that the quality of life in the City of Cincinnati and in the Greater Cincinnati metropolitan area is among the highest in the United States and can be further improved.

The Association has focused historically on the structure of local government, the quality of public education and economic development. These issues continue to be the primary priorities of the Cincinnatus Association. However, other issues in which the Association has a major or unique ability to increase the quality of life can be pursued at the direction of the membership.

The Cincinnatus Association depends on its members to provide civic leadership in its efforts to improve the long-term vitality of the region.

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It is the mission of the Cincinnatus Association and its members to initiate, recognize, participate in and promote projects that improve the quality of life for all citizens in the Greater Cincinnati region through, among other things, the study of critical issues confronting the region, the engagement of community leaders and the nonpartisan shaping of public policy.